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You are suffering from a disease and want to come to India for treatment but do not know where in India, you do not know the hospitals or the doctors here, or where you are going to stay. You are coming absolutely to an unfamiliar land for your health. You do not have a clue what do in this new place. Well then dear friend, we at Apo Med are the ones to count on! Be our guest for a while.
Apomed is the leading medical tourism facilitation service in the region, having provided offshore, managed health care services for more than 3000 patients from Iraq, Saudi, Oman, Qatar,Bahrain, Nigeria , Kenya , Somalia , Sudan , Yemen , Myanmar , Turkmenistan , United Arab Emirates,and other nations worldwide.
Apomed incepted with the mutual effort of dedicated medical doctors and staffs. We have long years of experience in providing Medical treatments combined with exotic tourism that gives us a leading way in the hospital industry. Our wide spectrum of extra-ordinary treatments includes Orthopedics treatment , Gynecologist and obstetrics Services , E.N.T Services , Dermatologist Services , Cardiology treatment, Neurology treatment, Urology Services , Plastic & Reconstructive treatment ,Cancer and oncology , Pediatrics , Kidney transplant , Liver Transplant , Bone Marrow Transplant.
Arranging and booking the best and the most economic hospital facilities for the patients.
Providing the best hotel accommodation and travel services during their stay in India.
Providing the best medical care assistance at every step they take.
Offering medical help for both national and international patients.
Medical Opinion Services, Quotes from Best Hospital and arranging patient admission in best hospital
Visa, Arrival and Departure Services. Free Arrangement of SIM Card. Pre Surgery Arrangements.
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