RF Ablation Treatment

RF Ablation Treatment in India at competitive prices and with the best of the cardio attending is becoming popular among both national & international patients. Our efficient nursing staff acts as patient advocates and provides homely services. We have collaborative partnerships with few of the best hospitals in India which are Joint Commission International (JCI) and NABH accredited.

Radio frequency ablation is a kind of heart treatment; however, it is a non surgical procedure which is efficiently used to treat and heal some kind of rapid heart beating. It is most commonly used to heal supraventricular tachyarrithmias which means rapid and uncoordinated heartbeats. These rapid heartbeats start in the upper chambers of the heart i.e. atria or the middle part i.e. AV node or the starting portion of heart’s electrical system.

A physician inserts a catheter along with an electrode at its tip to the area rendering heart muscles where there is an extra pathway. The guidance is provided to catheter using a real time x-ray also known as fluoroscopy which is being displayed on a video screen. This helps the surgeon to place the catheter at the exact place where cells provide electrical signals which stimulate the abnormal heart rhythm. Thereafter a mild and painless radio frequency signal is transmitted along the pathway. This destroys the selected heart muscle cells in an area of about 1/15 inches. This stops the particular area from creating the extra impulse which causes rapid heartbeats.

This process is widely used and preferred treatment for rapid heartbeats. The success rate of radio frequency ablation treatment is more than 90 % and there are lower risks of complications. It causes very little or even no discomfort under mild sedation or local anesthesia. Patients can regain their strength within few days.

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