Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery brings about a change in your external appearance and makes you Beautiful which is a combination of inner and outer beauty. Good self image improves professional, social and personal life.

Our Cosmetic Surgeons not only have an adequate training in the subject but also have imagination and concept of beauty to get the best result with personal touch and care.

  • We have an expert team of best and globally renowned surgeons who are US and UK board certified Plastic Surgeons having a great work experience.
  • We contact JCI & NABH accredited hospitals which have the foremost medical infrastructure & eminent technology.
  • Economic & affordable treatment and excellent results with superb medical care.

In the category of cosmetic surgery, we have different branches dealing with several aspects namely breast augmentation, tummy tuck, male genital surgery, face lift, liposuction, nose job or rhinoplasty, hair transplantation and anti ageing medicine treatment at par.

Also called as enlargement mammoplasty, it is a surgical procedure which is done to increase the size of woman’s breast with the help of breast implants or prosthesis. This surgery is used to get proportional and firm breast. The package cost for surgery includes 1 day stay in deluxe room with companion, nursing care, patient’s food, surgeon’s fee, medicine. Airport pickup and drop is complementary.

Also known as Abdominoplasty is used to shape the abdominal area of human body. The surgery involves removal of extra skin and fat from lower & middle abdomen requiring flattening of abdominal muscles. Package cost for tummy tuck includes surgery, 1 day stay in deluxe room with companion, nursing care, patient’s food, surgeon’s fee, and medicine and airport pickup. Airport pickup and drop is complementary.

Before getting a male genital surgery, one must take a professional advice. At Marlin Safe Med Journey we provide free pre surgery consultation and alternatives to surgery. Here we offer a meeting with friendly patient coordinators and surgeons. Coordinators give the information about hospital facilities & cost of surgery.

Also known as Rhytidectomy medically, is a procedure which is used to improve the facial appearance by making it look younger. The face lift surgery package includes accommodation, nursing and medication. The surgery involves eliminating wrinkles laxity in jowls and neck and sagging skin.

Medically known as Lipoplasty, is a body shaping surgical procedure. This surgery involves removal of fat deposits of the body. Lipoplasty is also recommended for weight loss. Lipoplasty involves removal of local fat from the body and can be performed on abdomen, thighs, hips, calves, buttocks, arms, neck, back or face. The surgery package includes accommodation, medication, surgery and nursing.

This is a nose reshaping surgical procedure. This surgery is done to reduce the size of nose or to reshape it; or to restore the proper functioning of the organ in case of any injury of nasal cavity.

This surgical procedure involves moving the individual hair follicles from donor site to the balding or recipient site. Used primarily to treat the male baldness, this procedure involves grafting those follicles which are genetically resistant to balding.

We also offer anti ageing medicine packages which are medical procedures offering the ways to restore the younger looking, wrinkle free, healthy and shinier skin.

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