Medical Visa

VISA Process

Often times, acquiring a VISA is the most daunting and time consuming task for medical tourists who plan to come to India for their medical treatments. The initial duration of a medical VISA is upto a year or the duration of treatment, whichever is less. We will take care of your VISA needs, from applying on your behalf to actually obtaining your VISA, Apomed will arrange for your VISA needs.

Emergency VISA acquisition:

If you are one of those people, who require an emergency visa on arrival to this country, then many a times people who are in need of an immediate VISA due to medical conditions, then worry not as Apomed will take care of your VISA needs. Emergency VISA is a need for many travelers. Getting an emergency VISA becomes a trying process as emergency visas are provided only to individuals of Indian origin only holding a US passport, in case of a genuine emergency. Emergency services will not be applicable to applicants falling under reference categories. Also, there are various kinds of documents that need to be submitted, the information for which will be provided to you by us. We will take care of your emergency VISA needs, from beginning to end.