Stem Cell Therapy

  • Replacement of diseased or damaged tissue can be done by stem cell by itself.
  • Risk of rejection is minimal as the stem cells are taken from the patient’s own body itself.
  • Side effects in this treatment are reduced to the minimum as compared to other types of treatments.
  • Due to cell transplant treatment, incurable diseases considered before can now be treated.

Stem cell therapy can be used in treating various kinds of conditions. Experienced doctors and registered nurses will be handling the procedure. Best experience will be guaranteed with a personal touch right from the beginning to the end.

In stem cell therapy cells from the body of the patient are taken, separately cleaned and reintroduced in the tissue which is damaged to treat the injury or disease of the patient. After stem cell are taken from the iliac bone or hip bone of the patient and then sent to the laboratory for separation and cleaning process. The patient is then injected with the clean and separated stem cells through lumbar puncture or catheterization, intravenous line to repair the diseased cells at the particular location. Outpatient procedure is performed in this treatment and it is totally dependent patient’s condition. One of the stem cell therapies is bone marrow cell transplant. For last thirty years this therapy is being performed worldwide.

Guaranteed success cannot be committed by this treatment, but a number of patients having heart and lung conditions and even diabetic and patients with neurodegenerative disorders have been relieved from symptoms after taking the stem cell therapy treatment.

No religious or ethical issues are involved in taking stem cell therapy of an adult. No moral issues are posed as the stem cells are not embryos which are taken from the adults. Umbilical cord cells or the placental cell are other sources from where stem cell can be obtained. So they don’t create any kind of religious concern. Embryonic stem cell therapy is not involved at Marlin Safe Med Journey. The organization only focuses on the improvement of the health and wellness of their patients; it doesn’t participate in any kind of controversial matters.

The information on treatment success, stem cell research, transplant procedures, etc is provided by Marlin Safe Med Journey. The basics of stem cell therapy can be known by you with the help of this information. The information about advancements with adult stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, stem cells for treating diabetes and stem cells treatment for cancer & much more is given by Marlin Safe Med Journey .

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